Health & Weight Management Programme

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Do you want to

  • drop inches?
  • reduce fat weight?
  • see results within 4 weeks?
  • remove those snack cravings?
  • control your appetite?
  • have more energy?
  • sleep better?
  • improve your mood?
  • have nutritious recipe ideas?
  • know your daily calorie requirement?
  • know your resting and active metabolism?
  • learn how to maintain long term weight goals?
  • have a full refund if you don’t see or feel results?

If the answer is yes…

  • first read my Client Reviews
  • then book your free consultation for more information

What to expect…

Your journey starts with a comprehensive assessment. Then follow the small fundamental habits created for you, scientifically supported and developed around you and your present lifestyle, along with daily interaction and support. A monthly assessment will assess your progress. The results and review are all set up within your private App and Online Portal 24/7. You are never alone… We will have direct communication within the App and Online Portal. I am always here for you with support and motivation, answering any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

​Simple and effective with Guaranteed Results…

Long term health and weight management that will quickly change your life.

The Science...

3 Stage Programme

1/Screening (First Meeting)

​Scientific approach, using the latest BIA technology for the most accurate assessment of  body composition and progress.

  • Body Risk - Weight, Height, BP, HR and Waist to Hip Ratio (Glucose, Cholesterol, Cardiac Risk*)
  • Body Health - Body Fat, Body Lean, Metabolism and Hydration
  • Body Fitness - Flexibility, Lung Function, Strength Test. (VO2MAX test*)
  • Body Balance - Daily Nutritional Check-In,
  • Energy Balance - Constant Update on your daily min & max calories required 
  • ​Macro Balance - Constant Update on your Protein / Carbs and Fat % required

2/Action (Your Daily Support)

Small sustainable changes designed to fit around your lifestyle, professional and personal environment.

  • Personal Health Report Providing Actual, Normal and Predicted Results (Monthly)
  • Nutritional Plan, Energy Balance and Metabolism Strategies (Daily)​ Updated (Monthly​)
  • Personal Goals and Targets Set (Monthly)
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos and Diet Plan (Daily)​ Updated (Monthly)
  • Newsletter and Healthy Recipes (weekly​​)
  • Personal Wellness App / Support Platform (Daily)

3/Results (Your Guarantee)

​A long-term lifestyle strategy that puts an end to constant diet failures and short-term results.

As the look and feel of your body changes, your personal plan will adopt and progress to the next stage. You must adhere to at least one monthly session and maintain consistency for guaranteed results. Your daily nutritional check-in and support platform will encourage motivation, confidence and accountability. The App and Portal are great for logging and recalling your exercise and nutritional stats, along with a hub of informative pdf and video tutorials.

​(*) optional extras for corporate groups

Free Newsletter

​Cost / Payment method…

That’s 4 weeks of personal wellness/coaching for less than a daily cup of coffee or the equivalent of one poor nutritional snack or soft drink choice per day. Yes, your right in thinking, the plan will pay for itself as you adopt better more educated nutritional choices.

Guaranteed Results…

​If after your first 4 weeks you don’t feel and see results, I will refund you. You have nothing to lose and a new you to gain, and if you find this service cheaper anywhere! I will give you it for Free…

Secure monthly payment through GOCARDLESS, no set up or cancellation fee. You can stop the programme at any time, you are not tied into a minimum term. 14 days’ notice to cancel secure monthly payment is advised.

​​​​ ​£75 for 4 weeks
Optional invoicing for companies and large groups

​Discount also available for groups

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