Health & Weight Management Programme


80% nutrition and 20% activity based programme, all about slow manageable changes that fit into your lifestyle, food choices and environment to help your reach an energy balance and metabolic control that’s sustainable. Ultimately, long term health and weight management.

  • No more yoyo dieting.
  • No more starvation diets.
  • No more exercise binging.
  • No more calorie counting.
  • Better nutritional choices.
  • Tasty meal plans and recipes.

Learn about your metabolism, maximum and minimum daily calorific allowance, portion guide, best food choices and nutritional requirement for your body type and lifestyle demands. Helpful strategies applied monthly with progress assessments for long term weight management that will quickly change your life.

Programme Details

​Screening... Scientific approach, using the latest BIA technology for the most accurate assessment of  body composition and progress.

  • Body Risk - Weight, Height, BP, HR and Waist to Hip Ratio (Glucose, Cholesterol, Cardiac Risk*)
  • Body Health - Body Fat, Body Lean, Metabolism (Basel MR, EAR) and Hydration
  • Body Fitness - Flexibility, Lung Function, Strength Test. (VO2MAX test*)

Action… Small sustainable changes designed to fit around your lifestyle, professional and personal environment.

  • Personal Health Report Providing Actual, Normal and Predicted Results (Monthly)
  • Nutritional Plan, Portion Control, Energy Balance and Metabolism Strategies (Monthly​)
  • Personal Goals and Targets Set(Monthly)
  • Exercise and Diet Plan Updated (Monthly)
  • Newsletter and Healthy Recipes (weekly​​)

Results... A long-term lifestyle strategy that puts an end to constant diet failures and short term results.

As the look and feel of your body changes, your personal plan will adopt and progress to the next stage. You must adhere to at least one monthly session to maintain consistency, motivation and more importantly, to monitor your metabolic response to the diet and exercise proscribed.

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Cost / Payment method…

You receive all the above services and full support as well as the relaxed surrounding of our luxury private gym with shower and steam room available during your session. All for a very competitive price of £50 per month.  Secure payment method through GOCARDLESS, no set up or cancelation fee. You can stop the programme at any time, you are not tied into a minimum term.

I will also reward you for your consistency. Choose one of the following rewards for FREE with every 4th rolling DD payment.

  • (Glucose / Cholesterol / Cardiac Risk Report*)
  • (Free PT workout Session*)
  • (VO2 MAX test*)

Sign up before Feb 2018 and I will give you 50% off any additional PT workout sessions within each month of your plan

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