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Oonagh.jpgI have been going to the gym 4 times a week for years and did a combination of spin, body sculpt and circuits.

​I thought I was doing everything right - I was cooking nearly all my food from scratch and drinking what I thought was loads of water and yet nothing was happening. I was getting more and more frustrated.

​I noticed one of the girls in my gym class who I hadn’t seen for a few weeks.  She was looking fantastic and was literally buzzing with energy. She told me that she had gone to Gerry at Performance NI for advice. Each week as I got more and more frustrated, she was looking more and more toned, fit and happy.

​I took the plunge and asked for a free assessment. That discussion filled me full of hope and I left wanting to get started in the knowledge that I would be supported at every step. Gerry monitored my normal food intake and exercise for around 10 days and then explained to me where I was going wrong. I was due to return to Gerry in June for a progress assessment, however I fractured my ankle. I was gutted as I thought this would delay the process.

immediately contacted Gerry who really supported me and told me to trust the process. I did initially doubt that I could eat so much and yet also develop the leaner toned body that I wanted, but I kept at it. I went for my 2nd assessment - I was dreading it.  How could this have worked when I literally had been a couch potato?

To my surprise I had lost 6lbs, 2 inches off my tummy and 1 inch off my hips. I was delighted and left with almost a skip in my step. I still wasn’t able to return to my normal gym routine, but Gerry created a work out for me with a very helpful video for each exercise.  I was still eating loads but had to increase the amount on my gym days.  I remember thinking – more food!  I did this routine 3 times per week and again I was dubious when I saw how much I was supposed to eat.  At my 3rd appointment I had lost a further 5 pounds, 1 inch off my tummy and 1 inch off my hips.

What I have learnt is to trust the process and trust Gerry. I am developing the body that I have always wanted in a sensible way - no fad diets. This is a change for life. What amazed me most was that I no longer crave chocolate or ‘bad food’ and yet I still have my pizza and wine and dinners out. I just do it sensibly. can’t describe how well I feel and how thankful I am that I made the first step in approaching Gerry. 

Oonagh​ McCann

EditEditPartner-Blue-2.jpgWe decided to try and get into better shape, with holidays and a couple of weddings coming up. I heard about Gerrys program and decided to give it a go. I was surprised by the method and approach Gerry took. It was unlike anything we had tried before. Our first month we constantly questioned his approach and all credit to him, he was very patient and supportive, assuring us we had to follow the plan “no more no less” was his answer every time.

We did start to feel something happen around 3 weeks in and at our first review we couldn’t believe our results. We both had lost 2 inches from waist and I lost 2 from my hips with Claire losing 1inch.

Our second month was a lot easier to understand and we had a lot more confidence around the program. We returned for our 2nd review just before our friend’s wedding and again we had another brilliant result. I now had 3 inches off my waist and 3 off my hip and 14lbs lighter. Clair lost 3inches off her waist and 2 off her hips and 9lbs lighter.

I am feeling a lot more positive with my shape and have purchased some PT sessions with Gerry too. We highly recommend his wellness program.

Tommy & Claire

Peter-.jpgI have just successfully completed the Marmotte Alpes Cycle Sportive. That’s 110 miles and sixteen thousand feet of climbing over four mountains in the one day. It finishes at the top of Alp D Huez.. Having previously completed a number of cycling and triathlon events, triathlon up to Irish middle distance championship level and also the Marmotte two years ago. I am pretty experienced in endurance events.

What I wanted to do was enjoy the event more with the target of completing it faster.

Gerry worked with me to come up with a tailored plan to help with my performance. The result was unbelievable, I was 17 minutes faster up the first 14-mile climb and finished an hour faster overall.

For this I would like to thank Gerry and would thoroughly recommend him for his personalised service and encouragement.

My friends have commented on how much weight I have lost. The reality is that I haven’t actually lost any weight just enhanced my composition and changed my body shape with 5 inches from my waist and 2 from my hips.

Gillian-Blakstock.jpgI am your typical 50+ woman who attends the gym regularly and has tried every diet known to man with no lasting success. In fact, as time was going on I was getting bigger. The harder I tried to diet the more tired I was becoming.

I finally booked my appointment with Gerry and then my journey began. My goal was to lose excess weight around my stomach area which I thought was just age related.

Gerry devised a diet tailored to my body type and lifestyle. Initially I needed a lot of support and Gerry was there for me 24/7. The biggest difference I noticed was my energy levels.

I love to cook and new recipes were sent to me which the whole family enjoyed. I work shifts and Gerry gave me strategies to overcome long hours where you don’t get access to food.

Im proud to say that I lost a total of 6 inches off my body in 3 and a half months.  If you want to loose inches off your body and not feel hungry this is for you. I’m not calling it a diet because it’s a lifestyle change.

​Gillian Blackstock

Denise-7.jpgAfter years of going to the gym and watching what I ate my weight continued to fluctuate.

​Then I discovered Performance NI. I joined thinking I’ll give it a go, perhaps I will pick up some new ideas, little did I know the new journey I was about to embark on!

​Under Gerry’s careful guidance I discovered where my diet was going wrong. I can only describe the next 4 weeks as exciting as I learnt more about healthy food options and food that I never realise existed yet provided the same delicious taste!

​My food cupboard was reinvented as each week I tried the new menus provided to me. The package not only gave constant review of my recorded daily food diary (providing suggestions along the away to improve), it provided me with a personalised work out which again was monitored and tweaked when necessary.

​The support and feedback is there 24/7 should you need it. The customer service is second to none and you won’t be disappointed with the value for money.

After only 4 weeks, I go forward now re energised and re-educated with 4lb of body weight off and almost 3 inches from my waist. It’s a life plan not a quick fix that Gerry guides you through. I couldn’t recommend Gerry and his professional holistic approach highly enough!


Lisheen1-2.jpgMy primary goal in undertaking Gerry’s programme was to increase my energy levels so that I didn’t feel tired all the time. 

​In consultation with  Gerry, I soon realised that my diet was lacking in real nutritional value and I was consuming a lot of hidden sugars. 

After 1 month, I felt a significant  increase in my energy levels and was eating and enjoying a varied diet of “clean” foods. I was also enjoying healthy energising snacks that I had cooked using recipes Gerry had suggested. Simplicity was the key however, there was nothing complicated, which was just as well, I have very limited culinary skills!

Meanwhile, I continued my usual exercise regime with Gerry’s guidance and for the first time in many years, I felt energised and was losing “fat” weight, 15lbs of fat to be exact, which I never thought possible particularly at my stage in life!  Women of a certain age will understand what I mean :).

My once monthly visits to Gerry over the past 4 months has taught me so much about nutrition and activity and I have made simple lifestyle changes on his advice that have transformed my personal wellness and fitness levels. 

I would recommend Gerry to anyone.  I couldn’t have achieved the goals I have todate without his guidance and support.  Thank you Gerry.

Lisheen Fitzsimons

Sara-4.jpgI have been attending the gym for a few years with body pump and spin classes mixed in, almost 6 days per week.

​Its was in one of Gerry’s classes I noticed a friend was looking great and really shaping up. Like me he trained a lot and had a similar routine, so I was keen to find out what he was doing.

​He recommended Gerry and said he and his wife go regularly. So, I booked a free assessment with him and was amazed how much detail and information he gave me, and it was a lot cheaper than weekly personal training sessions.

​I only went once per month and followed exactly what he proscribed and again I was shocked how much the subtle change to my exercise and diet made to my shape. Now I’m the one being asked about my sudden transformation and just like my friend, I recommend Gerry.

​Sara Cartwrigh

Maeve.jpgMy experience with the Performance NI personal wellness plan has been enlightening to say the least. I was shocked at the results that subtle changes had made to my body and outlook.

​The scientific approach was hard for me to get my head around at first but I quickly understood after seeing the changes. Each process was explained to me in great detail all the way through the programme.

​This gave me comfort and confidence in Gerry’s ability to direct me towards my personal goals. I have increased my hydration, decreased my body fat by ten pounds and increased my lean weight by seven pounds.

​I’m not eating different foods, just changed how and when I eat my food groups. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who is starting off or like myself has been training for years and wanting to find direction.

​Maeve McKa

C&J.jpgJohn and I have always tried to be fit and eat healthily but as we are approaching our seventies the bodies were changing shape for the worse. Despite walking, golfing and gym membership we needed advice and direction from a professional to assess our strengths and weaknesses to help us change shape and become more energetic and gain a level of fitness that we did not have. We went to Gerry and he assessed both of us-a thorough  assessment of our body composition, metabolism and overall lifestyle.

​I have spent a life time watching what I eat-it was amazing to learn that I should have been eating a lot more. Each month he gave us new habits to build with small diet and exercise changes. We have learnt a lot from attending our sessions with Gerry and noticed a great change in our energy levels and body shape. We also incorporate weights to give us more body strength- in my case upper body and in John’s case posture andassistance with golf swing and driving distance.

​We see Gerry each month and value his support and guidance and it’s never too late or too early to book a session and see for yourself.

​John & Christina

​​Before-After-10.jpg​I have been training with Performance NI since August 2015, medical issues in my life made me look at things differently and my doctor advised me to change. So, with the help and knowledge of Performance NI I did just that. As with most first meetings I was nervous but was soon put at ease in the relaxing surroundings of Performance NI’s private gym.

​I was assessed, and a plan put together that suited me and a target that we set to get me from just over 18 stone to 14 stone.

Gerry has gotten me to within 1 stone off my target in 6 months. I have enjoyed all aspects of the training and looking forward to being healthier and fitter. Joseph Kerr Read more about Joe’s Wellness Journey​​


(Special £0 Offer​)

​I Don’t Want You To Miss Out... 

Why I’m offering this now. As you know, I already offer a free Personal Wellness Assessment with every consultation.

However, there were still people really excited about the program but didn’t take the next step. 

The number one reason people didn’t sign up for coaching...

(Drumroll please...)


You see, the vast majority were very excited to join my coaching programme so they could find bespoke eating and exercise strategies that fit into their lives, ignore confusing fad dieting and focus only on what works for them. Changing how they eat, look, and feel forever.

Yet, a select few said they couldn't join my programme right now because they were frightened to commit in case they wasted their hard-earned money on another failure.

In fact my programme is the perfect fit for people on a tight budget, a lot cheaper than personal training, diet clubs and meal replacement programmes… so I decided to create this special £0 offer for you to actually experience my programme.

I want to give you the opportunity to experience the real benefits of professional coaching without the financial commitment.​

Your first months coaching is free if you don’t feel and see the benefits, yes! Free and no obligation to continue.  

So, what is my Personal Wellness Programme about?

Think of it as coaching on your terms.

It’s a guided coaching programme that gives you everything you need to make lasting changes to your health, fitness, and appearance.

It comes with lessons, habits, and workouts... all designed to help you eat, look, and feel better than ever...

Like most of my Personal Wellness clients, you can go through the programme with one review per month built in. Or, if you need extra help getting unstuck and overcoming challenges, you can easily purchase additional sessions at half price.  (If not, no extra charge.)

If you want to lose weight, gain strength, improve your health, build confidence, and say goodbye to dieting forever, check it out...   

Here's what you get inside…  

  • Monthly strategic nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you eat, feel, and look better.
  • Informative articles to reinforce your new healthy habits.
  • Exercise programmes built around you, (home, gym, or on the road).
  • Built-in accountability with daily check-ins/tracking to keep you consistent.
  • Recipe ideas to assist your nutritional journey.​
  • Oh, and most importantly, 24/7 support. Always here 😊​

I’m not here to push my programme on to you. I just don’t want you to mis out on the life changing benefits that my clients experience every day. Real people real reviews. 

me-news.jpg​Your alternative… keep hitting the gym day after day, with little to no lasting results. Or deprive yourself again until you become miserable, moody, tired and unhappy.  

​If you want body transforming results, more energy, motivation, fat reduction, education and life changing habits...

I’m here…

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